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Treatment of a tooth cyst without surgery in Batumi

Treatment of a tooth cyst without surgery in Batumi

The trademark of My Dent clinic is a treatment of complex cysts! We do not extract teeth, we treat them. In our clinic, we have a full range of innovative equipment, which allows to cure a cyst without surgical operations. Using an operating dental microscope, it is possible to treat a cyst, through the tooth canal. You would not lose a tooth and would not have to place an implant, resorting to complex and lengthy procedures. Dentists of My Dent clinic will save your tooth, if it have a slightest chance to be saved. In our practice we have large number of cured cysts of teeth, and we continuously perform a follow-up of our patients’ conditions. We are very satisfied by our work. Even if you have been told that there is no chance for your tooth, and it should be extracted, there is insufficient amount of bone, etc., do not extract it, visit our clinic! We will treat your teeth with high quality and reliably!

Largest size of the cyst, which we cured without a surgical invasion, was 4 cm. This cyst was touching the higher palate and the part of a nose. Surgical removal of cyst constituted the risk for patient to get a face defect. We were able to brilliantly perform this complex task! After the treatment, the patient had the nose bone and palate bone regenerated. Now he enjoys his life and we are proud of our achievements!

For the example, let’s consider the case, which can be easily understood by a patient. The dark spot is the cyst:
киста зуба

After 3 months:
зуб 3 месяца

After 6 months:
зуб через 6 месяцев

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