Orthopedics. Teeth prosthetics Brief list of our services

Orthopedics. Teeth prosthetics

Prosthesis of teeth in Batumi:

In a modern society, majority of people really care about their appearance. One of the main needs of human being is to have an attractive appearance, especially smile. Our smile is the important factor, which defines how we look.
The specialists of the My Dent clinic offer a broad range of services in prosthesis, which will help you to get rid from the cosmetic and functional defects in the oral cavity. By visiting us, you will find a joyfulness of a life and healthy smile!

The “trademark” of prosthesis in the My Dent clinic is the Cerec – a crown installed for just 1 visit to the clinic, with the possibility to grind down your teeth and place a crown under the microscope. This allows to achieve a maximal precision and quality of our work.

The My Dent clinic offers the following types of orthopedic works:

  • Microprosthesis based on composite and ceramic materials (Z I R C O N, Empress, Cerec) ;
  • Prosthesis with use of stump inlays (all-cast and demountable — for multi-root teeth);
  • Metal-ceramic structures — crowns and bridge prostheses;
  • Non-metal ceramics — bridge prostheses, crowns, veneers, inlays ( Z I R C O N, EMPRESS, Cerec, Emax Press );
  • Removable clasp prostheses of various modification with clasps and on attachments;
  • Removable laminar prostheses;
  • Teeth prosthesis on implants.

During the prosthesis of the front teeth, dentists, first of all, make it aim that artificial teeth would look aesthetically attractive and do not differ from natural teeth.

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