CEREC – prosthetics system Our equipment!

CEREC – prosthetics system

Cerec Crowns, inlays, veneers

CEREC is a complex that was developed by Swiss scientists in Zurich. It includes technology, equipment, materials for the manufacture of dental structures (crowns, veneers, inlays) made from ceramic blocks using the CAD / CAM system.
CEREC technology enables the dentist to make all-ceramic crowns, inlays, veneers in one visit, within 2 hours, and all this without taking impressions. The tooth is scanned using a special camera, after which the computer processes the taken pictures of the teeth, and the future ceramic restoration (crown, inlay, veneer) is made from the finished ceramic blocks. The ceramic restoration made in this way has a very precise fit to the tooth, it is very lightweight, has a natural transparency, so that everything looks highly aesthetically pleasing and natural. The ceramic material used in the Cerec device has sufficient strength and has a very high biocompatibility in the oral cavity.

Some facts

CEREC has been widely used in dental practice since 1985.
It is widely used by dental clinics around the world (more than 25,000 clinics).
Over 28 years of Cerec’s operation, more than 20 million restorations have been installed.
CEREC has been implemented in more than 150 universities around the world.
Biocompatibility, efficiency and durability of restorations have been confirmed in more than 250
scientific studies.

Cerec technology allows the installation of veneers in one medical appointment. The raw materials for the manufacture of veneers are supplied from abroad. Thanks to scanning and computer modeling, veneers are made with high precision.