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Take a holiday and treat teeth in Batumi

Take a holiday and treat teeth in Batumi

Dear tourists! If you have a toothache, and you do not know, where to go and cure your tooth, I want to advise you the wonderful clinic, named My Dent! First of all, I want to ensure you that a quality of work, materials and sterilization of instrument is guaranteed! You should not worry that a treated tooth would require an additional treatment in your country. All the procedures will be performed with high quality and without pain. All our dentists are highly qualified and certified, having the minimal work experience of 10 years. There are specialists in our clinic, who have an extensive work experience in Moscow and Ukraine. They can perfectly speak Russian language, will listen to your complaints and correctly assess the situation. You will be offered variants of treatment. For the insurance companies, we will fill the necessary documents and cheques (including the cheque made on your name from the accountant).

Our clinic understands that you are at leisure and don’t have a time to sit in a queue and wait, so we’ll adjust for you the schedule of visits. The clinic is located in the city centre of Batumi and after the treatment you can visit points of interest, restaurants, parks and a beach. We are always glad to help you to save your teeth!!!

We have the most advanced dental equipment in Georgia, including the operating microscope from the Carl Zeiss company. We can treat a tooth cyst without surgery, remove the fragment of instrument from the root or jaw, seal the holed roots of teeth and can do many other things.

For treatment of kids teeth, we have special instruments, which do not contact with adults. There is a monitor installed in the dental chair and a child can choose any cartoon film, for a comfortable stay in our clinic. In addition to this, those materials, which are used in kids dentistry, do not contain harmful substances, such as arsenic and resorcinol. Children’s doctor has a very sensitive approach to kids, they don’t fear her, but love very much.

Moreover, you can install crowns and veneers in the clinic, including CEREC crown, during a single working day.

We have competitive pricing across all of our procedures.

Please feel free to contact with us at any time!
MY DENT, Batumi. Gorgosali St.43 Tel: 514 11 70 70
E-mail: mydentge@yahoo.com

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