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Teeth treatment under a microscope

Teeth treatment under a microscope

Teeth treatment under a microscope in Batumi.

It is hard to think about a modern dentistry without use of a microscope, especially in relation to treatment of root canals.
The word endodontics in unknown for many patients. But in reality, an endodontics – a treatment of root canals, is the most important part of a dentistry. A root canal, which is qualitatively treated means a long life for your tooth!
Before an use of microscopes in a dentistry, a dentist can work throughout teeth canals, relying only on his/her own experience and manual skills. It is really a hard work, considering that an each tooth has its own formation and often teeth are quite complex. Even the most experienced dentist, in the absence of visual control, is not always able to go through, process and fill a root canal. And this can result in a complication and a most unwanted outcome – a loss of a tooth.

But with a microscope, a dentist has unprecedented possibilities to perform his/her work at all stages, starting from diagnostics and ending with filling of root canals and installing fillings. In complicated cases, when it is necessary to extract a fragment of an instrument or close a perforation, it is often impossible to perform such manipulation without a microscope.

Today in Batumi, in the dental clinic of My Dent, the experienced doctors are glad to offer you a treatment under a microscope of the world class. A policy of our clinic makes it aim to offer a highly professional dental service on the market of Caucasus.