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Surgical microscope Carl Zeiss

Endodontic teeth treatment under the best Surgical microscope from Carl Zeiss.

World-class physician microscopist-endodantist Ruslan Gvarishvili is not only an expert in the field of root canal treatment (endodontics), but also an excellent diagnostician. The highest qualifications, knowledge of treatment algorithms, tomogram data allow the doctor to accurately plan an appointment: to estimate the volume, complexity of treatment and the time it will take to carry it out.
The main indications for the use of a microscope are canal retreatment, as well as the extraction of fragments separated during the previous treatment. Due to the use of additional lighting and high magnification, the doctor has the opportunity to better see the remnants of the old filling material on the walls of the canals, and behind its aisles, atypically located canals, etc.
The microscope must always be used, especially when it comes to the treatment (or retreatment) of the canals. It allows you to see the details important for treatment that the human eye cannot see, and to raise the quality of the procedure to a fundamentally new level. The effectiveness of such treatment is evidenced by the fact that in countries with a high dental culture, as well as in countries that are legislators in the field of the newest and best medical equipment, treatment under a microscope has become a kind of standard. For example, in the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Israel, up to 80% of clinics use a microscope for treatment.

At a preliminary consultation, the doctor will also agree on the cost of treatment with the patient. Note that work with a microscope – a top-class work – costs more than a microscope-free one. The choice is up to the patient. At the same time, the doctor is obliged to talk about the advantages and prospects of each treatment method.
What is a microscope used for in dentistry?


  • of cracks and microcracks;
  • of Root canal perforation;
  • of the degree of cleaning of the intracanal space;
  • of caries at the initial stage.


  • treatment of cysts and granulomas;
  • removal of foreign elements from root canals and bone: instruments and material;
  • extraction of pins (including fiberglass), stump inlays;
  • re-treatment of poorly filled root canals;
  • thermal condensation of gutta-percha (with endodontic treatment).
  • installation of micro-seals;
  • perforation closure;
  • restoration with composite materials;
  • high quality root canal sealing;
  • microsurgery.

Dental treatment under a microscope at the My Dent clinic is a unique combination of the professionalism of a highly qualified doctor and the widest possibilities of innovative equipment. As a result, these are high-quality cured teeth and root canals with minimal intervention.