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EMS Piezon Master Surgery

Teeth implantation, surgery with EMS Piezon Master Surgery

Piezon is a device for deep ultrasonic atraumatic treatment of the dentition, the latest development in the field of surgical dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

Piezon – created with the latest, innovative technologies, is easy to operate, can be widely used in various operations and shows the best results among similar equipment. The design of the device meets all the characteristics of a piezoceramic ultrasonic mechanism. The renowned Swiss quality of all materials meets the highest standards.

Outpatient surgery – tooth extraction, root apex resection, cystectomy Periodontal surgery – osteotomy and bone grafting, sampling of autogenous bone for reconstructive surgery. Maxillofacial surgery – collection of cylindrical bone blocks, bone distraction, nerve transposition, sinus lifting, distraction osteogenesis. Implantology – splitting of the alveolar ridge, sinus lifting, sampling of autogenous bone, osteotomy in order to create holes for the introduction of the implant, formation of the implant bed.

The Piezon Master Surgery ultrasonic surgical device, manufactured by EMS, allows you to obtain optimal results in outpatient surgery and implantology. The use of the Piezon Master Syrgery apparatus, unlike its counterparts, is not limited in time, eliminates operational errors and, by reducing the trauma of exposure to tissues, allows to significantly expand the indications and scope of surgical interventions.