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Teeth cleaning with Air Flow NSK

It should be noted that Air Flow (Airflow) cleaning is not whitening, as is often advertised. Whitening is a change in a tooth’s own color. After applying Air Flow, there is no change in the natural color of the teeth. The teeth are brushed and you can see the true color.

Indications for the use of the Air Flow method

  • cleaning braces
  • cleaning of implant heads
  • cleaning teeth before shade determination for restorations, etc.
  • cleaning of ceramic veneers, metal-free ceramics
  • cleaning before fluoridation therapy
  • cleaning before bleaching

With hard dental deposits such as tartar the Air Flow cannot be dealt with.

Our clinic uses the following technology for perfect teeth cleaning using Air Flow technology

1. Removal of tartar with ultrasound – if necessary.
2. Cleaning the surface of the teeth using the most modern apparatus for Air Flow NSK (Japan).
3. Additionally, cleaning with professional brushes and pastes is applied.
4. By agreement with the patient, a special coating is applied to the teeth, which protects the enamel and strengthens it by releasing fluoride. The goal is to protect the enamel of the teeth from harmful influences and to strengthen it. Most often today, the drug Tooth Mousse (Japan) is used for these purposes.
5. After each patient, the Air Flow (Airflow) handpiece is sterilized using an autoclave.