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Qualitative dental treatment of teeth under a microscope in Batumi

We would like to proudly announce that the most advanced dental clinic My Dent is opened in Batumi. The equipment of the clinic is a dream of any dentist and patient. For the first time in Georgia, an operating microscope of highest quality – OPMI Pro Ergo, from the most known German optic company Carl Zeiss – is used in the Georgian clinic. This microscope is a part of equipment in the best clinics of Europe and US.
Now we want to inform the residents of Batumi that you should not extract your teeth, when you are told about this by dentists! You have a chance to treat them!
And only we can do this:

  • We can treat cysts and granulomas (with any complexity) without surgery and incisions.
  • We can access impassable canals. Including resorcinol teeth.
  • We re-treat canals of any complexity. Including resorcinol teeth.
  • We extract instrument debris from the canals of teeth and from a bone.
  • We seal perforations (artificial hole in the root of a tooth).
  • We extract deeply destroyed teeth (preparation for a prosthesis).
  • We process canals by means of laser.
  • We fill canals using a hot method.
  • We use bioengineering methods of teeth treatment (regenerative endodontics)
  • Treatment of a caries.
  • Treatment of a pulpitis.
  • Treatment of a periodontitis.
  • Regeneration of a crown part of a tooth.

During the treatment, we use the most advanced equipment, instruments and materials of world class. We do not use arsenic, resorcinol and other harmful materials.

You can see many complex works, performed in the My Dent clinic, in the photo gallery section.