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Qualitative Teeth Implantation in Batumi

Medical condition for implantation of teeth in the My Dent clinic is an absence of one, several or all teeth. An implant is placed in the jawbone of a patient, which is an artificial root of a tooth, made from titanium.

The efficiency teeth Implantation depends on a quality of implant and professional expertise of a dentist. Highly qualified implant specialists with years of experience work in the dental clinic My Dent. Moreover, only implants of high quality from the most well-known and authoritative brands are used in our clinic. We do not use cheap Chinese brands with dubious origin. All this guarantees an excellent result.

We also perform manipulations such as: bone grafting and sinus lift surgery.

Bone grafting

A build-up of the height of atrophied lower jaw can be done by means of bone blocks or synthetic bones. This type of transplantation is intended for regeneration of bone, which was exposed to a significant resorption because of tooth or teeth lost, and consists of following stages:

Through separation of mucoperiosteal graft, an access is created to a dental alveolus (tooth socket) of an extracted tooth;
A bone grafting material is placed in the cleaned and refreshed socket;
For the better healing of the wound and integration of a bone tissue, the socket is tightly closed with stitches.

Sinus lifting

If a floor of a maxillary sinus is located too low (close to an area, where dental implants are to be placed), the volume of bone tissue may not be sufficient for a robust fixation of dental implant. Sinus lifting (osteoplasty or sinus augmentation) is a procedure of regeneration or build-up of the bone tissue volume of an upper jaw. This procedure is especially effective for lateral parts of a jaw.

This procedure is prescribed when the volume of bone tissue of a patient is insufficient in terms of height or width, or natural resorption of bone tissue occurred after the extraction of a tooth.

A build-up of a bone tissue can be performed by means of two main methods: open and closed. The choice of method depends on the volume of a bone tissue up to a floor of a maxillary sinus;

Sinus lift surgery allows to place implant precisely into needed location, ensuring their engraftment, which subsequently facilitates a placement of orthopedic constructions.