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Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry in Batumi.

Diagnostics of teeth and gum conditions of infant patients in the My DENT dental clinic is performed only by a paediatric specialist and according to the certain methodology of communication. Kids are especially demanding patients, and they quickly get a first impression on a dentistry and dentist, so, a further reception of visits can be formed for a long period of time.

Therefore, it is very important, that a first acquaintance of our little patient with a children’s doctor would be a positive one. Our specialist has an ideal approach to children, and will easily help a kid to adapt to the new environment. Some time may be needed for the adaptation. A child can go to the clinic, play and watch cartoons, sitting in a dental chair. Because of this, a treatment will proceed without fear and nervousness not only for the kid, but for his/her parents as well.

Only in our clinic of My Dent, especially for our little patients, we have Japanese micro turbines, which are designed for a treatment of children’s teeth.

Highly qualified doctors work with up-to-date, advanced, European equipment and materials, which will not harm a health of patients (we do not use arsenic, fillings with mercury and resorcinol).

A qualitative sterilization of instruments excludes a possibility to catch an infection in our clinic. We wait for you!

Healthy teeth are a precondition for the health of your child! We think that it is a part of our profession to love children. We are ready to help your child!